At GSDJ we consider ourselves catalysts that help businesses meet and exceed their true potential.

We actively participate in enhancing the value of every company that we get involved in. The partnership has a diverse background and decades of experience in both leadership and various operational components of business. Including, sales, finance, operations process, logistics, revenue, and marketing in the following fields. Healthcare, B2C logistics, manufacturing, freight logistics, real estate acquisition, credit, alternative finance, and reverse logistics. The companies we are currently involved with are the following.

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Meet the Partners.

Partners - Eli Mermelstein
Partners - Eli Mermelstein
Partners - Joe Clapman
Partners - Avrami
Partners - George
Eli Mermelstein

Eli Mermelstein.

Eli Mermelstein graduated from Ramapo College of NJ with a BS in accounting. His first business that he launched while in college was in the durable medical supply arena. He joined his family business and became VP of Marketing in Moonachie NJ. After being forced out by Hurricane Sandy, Eli launched several successful businesses including a trading company which pivoted into personal protective equipment. Realizing the world has changed and the need for ongoing PPE products Eli was a founding partner in PPEBuddy LLC which focuses on solutions for the Personal Protective Equipment Space. When seeing a problem in the market Eli looks to become the solution.

Asher Silber.

Asher Silber joined the CJI trading in 2009 focusing on developing personal relationships with corporate clients. Successfully helping to grow and maximize sales each year. His experience in dealing with high profile companies and maintaining long lasting partnerships has been crucial to the growth of many internal companies. Hobbies and interests include spending quality time with family and friends as well as playing competitive sports and music.

Avrami Mermelstein

Avrami Mermelstein.

Avrami Mermelstein started his career working for Croton Watch in 2007 coming on as the Director of Operations which lead him to run the financial responsibilities of the company. After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, he joined his brother in starting CJI trading running the operations and finances. In 2015 he took over the role of CFO at Ruby Has which is one of the largest fulfillment companies in the US with multiple facilities nationally and internationally. His true passion lies in assisting companies that are experiencing challenges of financial and operational aspects of their business.

Joe Clapman

Joe Clapman.

Clapman has led the firm’s diverse business investments across different asset classes including real estate, marketing, healthcare, alternative financial products, media, manufacturing and technology software. He has been instrumental in establishing company structures and launches that focus on both short term capital needs and the group’s credit profile build. Mr. Clapman applies his wealth of knowledge to guide the portfolio of companies within GSDJ LLC with ways to diversify their revenue streams while staying on brand. Mr. Clapman actively supports new business acquisition and leads efforts to scale the company to realize its full market potential.

Melech Stern

At GSDJ, we specialize in global business development as well as  marketing, structuring and financing growing companies so they can achieve their goals. Melech Stern brings his experience in these areas from the UK to our shores. With experience in sourcing, funding, networking, sales development and marketing management, he brings our clients a unique international perspective he acquired on the management team of a global British medical firm. In his spare time he enjoys travel, but most of all he enjoys exploring innovative approaches to his clients needs.

George Hershberg

George Hershberg.

George Hershberg started his career in the nonprofit sector for 20 years at Chai Lifeline. He ran the IT and Operation Departments and assisted in the growth of the organization. In 2018 he accepted a position at Eastern Union as the Chief Officer and found his true passion when moving to PPEBuddy and GSDJ.

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